The average bulletproof barrier project planning timeline can range from four to eight or more weeks from start to finish, depending on the complexity and scope of the project. However, the project timeline also depends on different factors—some within our control, some not.

Bullet Guard Is Uniquely Equipped to Handle Complex Project Planning

The Bullet Guard team has been helping California and West Coast businesses with their bulletproof projects since 1976.  We have the expertise to provide accurate time estimates for project completion.

When you choose Bullet Guard as your ballistic barrier provider, we’ll walk you through your project planning timeline and the different factors that might impact your project, including:

  • Your project’s size and scope
  • Design and approval process
  • Custom or complex finishes
  • Custom hardware
  • Supply chain availability
  • Shipping times
  • Installation coordination

If You’re Concerned About Timelines, Don’t Wait to Contact Bullet Guard About Your Ballistic Barrier Project

If you’re planning a bulletproof barrier project, we always recommend contacting our team as soon as possible—even if you still have questions about some details. The sooner we can start working with you, the smoother the rest of the project will go.

Work Through Project Design and Engineering

Bulletproof barriers might look simple once they’re installed, but the truth is that they take an incredible amount of engineering to be successful. Bulletproof materials tend to be heavier and thicker than conventional building materials, so the system must be engineered to support itself.

For example, a wall of bulletproof glass windows will sag over time if the framing cannot support the weight of the materials. We never send any project out the door without doing the engineering to ensure its long-term durability. The sooner we start this process, the sooner we can complete it.

Avoid Unnecessary Delays

We advise people to speak with us as soon as possible because it helps us avoid unnecessary delays. Changing your mind on a design can cause the project timeline to change, but working with a team of experts can help avoid the need to make last-minute adjustments. Special-order parts may take more time to arrive, and custom finishes can take longer to complete. Similar to the engineering element of your project, the sooner we can place these orders, the less time we’ll spend waiting on them.

Schedule Installation

We complete most installations after hours to avoid disrupting your business operations. However, this isn’t possible for every facility. Schools, in particular, typically wait until a scheduled break to install their projects, which extends their timeline. Establishing these expectations upfront is critical for project success.

Bullet Guard Is the AEC Community’s Trusted Ballistic Project Planning Partner

As with any construction or renovation project, there will always be the chance of unexpected delays because of circumstances outside your control. When you choose Bullet Guard as your partner, we put our experience and expertise to work for you to minimize the likelihood of unexpected delays.

We’ve been in business since 1976 and have helped secure thousands of facilities in California and up and down the West Coast. If you’re ready to get started, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today. Our ballistic experts are ready to guide you through your project and help you achieve the safety you’re looking for. Simply fill out the contact form on our website to get started today.


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