Bullet Guard has been manufacturing bullet-resistant products since 1976 and we have always put our customers’ needs first. Our decades of experience allow us to provide only the most innovative solutions for bank security today. Whether you need a new window or door system installed or want to upgrade your older glass, Bullet Guard provides an affordable solution no matter how complex your specifications may be.

Bullet-Resistant Glass for Banks & Financial Centers

bankBecause banks have cash and valuables on site, they are prime targets for crime and robberies. Banks can benefit from protective countertop technologies, specialty doors, and bullet-resistant windows. Bullet-resistant glass can help protect a financial institution’s assets as well as those who are working there.

Although no material is completely “bulletproof”, bullet-resistant glass can usually withstand many ballistic rounds without shattering or spalling. These materials may be utilized to secure the entire institution against nighttime break-ins or when an outside hazard exists. Employees who work in customer service areas benefit from their use as they provide a protective barrier in the customer care zone while also allowing for smooth interactions.

The 8 Levels of Bullet Resistance InfographicHow to Bulletproof Your Bank Counter

An astonishing 80% of bank robberies took place at the bank counter in 2022, according to the FBi. If you’re going to add bulletproof protection to your bank, the bank counter is the place to start. In this free infographic, we outline how to protect your staff from ballistic threats. It’s an important resource for anyone interested in making their financial institution safer.


Bank teller security glazing or bandit barriers are utilized to provide a defensive barrier between personnel at financial institutions and their customers. It’s usually made of 1 ¼” to 1 ⅜” transparent acrylic sheet or laminated polycarbonate that can handle ballistic impact and forced entry. Bulletproof glass can help keep tellers and other employees safe.

Considerations for Bullet-Resistant Glass

Glass-clad polycarbonate, polycarbonate laminate, and solid acrylic are the three most popular styles of bulletproof glass.

Considerations for Using Bulletproof & Bullet-Resistant Glass

  • Type of Glass (Level of Protection): Each material used for bullet-resistant glass offers unique benefits, from extreme protection for high-velocity rounds to optical clarity for security checkpoints.
  • UV Protection: Choose a UV-resistant material if your ballistic glass is subject to plenty of outdoor sunlight or indoor cleaning procedures. Some plastic materials will lose clarity and become brittle.
  • Installation & Maintenance: Consider the installation and regular maintenance needs of your ballistic glass. Some materials are more difficult to install and require more hands-on attention than others.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Take the time to compare the complete cost of your ballistic glass installation and upkeep with other products.

Bullet-resistant glass is usually composed of acrylic or polycarbonate with a polymer resin that contains thermoplastic material and other additives, which provides high mechanical strength to the product when in use.

In banks, bank teller windows are often made from laminated safety glass because they are difficult for robbers to break and because it is difficult to conceal weapons behind bulletproof glass. Bank’s teller windows that are made from laminated safety glass may be more attractive due to their transparency, but they can shatter if hit with a blunt object such as a gun or hammer, whereas bullet-resistant and bulletproof glass will not break.

Bulletproof Windows & Doors for Banks & Financial Centers

Bulletproof glass and doors for banks are essential. Financial institutions must defend themselves against a variety of hazardous situations, including theft and violence against employees. They may be used to seal off the whole institution in order to prevent break-ins after hours or while there is an external threat.

They can also provide protection for workers who operate in contact-facing roles by providing a safe barrier in the consumer service region while still allowing for seamless communications. They may also shield individuals when there is an emergency or lockdown situation inside.

Transaction Windows & Doors at Bullet Guard Corporation

Bulletproof and bullet-resistant doors and windows are one crucial way to provide additional safety to a building. At Bullet Guard, we offer bullet-resistant doors that are available in various levels of protection, so you can easily find something that suits your needs. These bullet-resistant products are designed to allow quick installation in banks in comparison to ballistic-rated steel. A bank can be provided with either one of these products or can choose to install both types of bullet-resistant products on their premises.

What are the types of bulletproof transaction windows?

  • Ballistic Glass-Clad Polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate Security Glass
  • Bullet-Resistant Acrylic

What are the features and capabilities of bulletproof windows and doors at Bullet Guard?

  • Enhanced strength
  • Increased safety
  • Superior shock absorption
  • High impact resistance to bullets and other items

Levels of Ballistic Protection for Bullet-Resistant Materials

Bullet-resistant materials are rated with a UL certificate that specifies the degree of protection they give. This rating is graded on a scale of 1 to 8 and verified according to UL-752. Bullet Guard provides hollow metal bullet-resistant doors and frames rated levels 1 through 8 as per UL-752.

Bullet-resistant and bulletproof products are designed to offer banks increased safety against robbery, theft, violence against employees, and more. Bullet Guard is the industry leader in these types of security barriers with a range of options for banks or financial institutions looking to protect themselves from harm.

We take the time to understand your company’s specific needs and problems in order to provide you with a more successful design. We’re always here to answer your questions!

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