Choosing the Right Ballistic Products for Your Physical Bank Barrier

Physical bank barriers are one of the most effective methods for not only protecting bank staff, but preventing armed incidents. In fact, the presence of physical barriers is often enough to deter a would-be bank robber. Although we hope you never have to put your ballistic bank barrier to the test, having a comprehensive system that completely separates the public from bank staff is the most reliable way to ensure their protection.

Designing a ballistically-rated bank barrier is often a complex endeavor. In this blog, our team breaks down the essentials: the different levels of protection, common bullet resistant materials, and the components you’ll need for your project—along with recommendations for components suitable for financial institutions. Keep reading to learn more.

Understand UL Levels of Protection

Bulletproof materials are rated on a scale of one to eight, depending on how resistant they are to different types of ballistic attacks. These ratings are based on the UL 752 Standard for Safety Bullet-Resisting Equipment, published by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Broadly, the levels are broken out as follows:

  • Level 1: Able to withstand three shots from a 9mm pistol, suitable for banks, gas stations, pharmacies, and retail
  • Level 2: Able to withstand three shots from a .357 magnum pistol, suitable for corporate banks and financial institutions
  • Level 3: Able to withstand three shots from a .44 magnum pistol, suitable for utilities, law enforcement, and government facilities
  • Level 4: Able to withstand up to one shot from a .03-06 hunting rifle, suitable for federal government or military facilities
  • Levels 5-8: able to withstand multiple shots from different hunting rifles, assault rifles, and machine guns, suitable for federal government and military facilities

The levels in the UL guide are considered the gold standard in ballistic protection. All of our products are tested in a third-party laboratory to ensure we meet or exceed the UL rating recommendations.

The Four Common Types of Bullet-Resistant Glass

You have four different types of bulletproof glass to choose from when designing your physical bank barrier.

  • Acrylic glazing: For indoor applications, available in UL levels 1-2.
  • Polycarbonate and laminated polycarbonate glazing: For indoor applications, available in UL levels 1-3.
  • Glass-clad polycarbonate glazing: Indoor and outdoor applications, available in UL levels 1-8
  • Insulated glass: Exterior applications, available in UL levels 1-8.

Choosing the Right Level of Protection for Your Project

Most banks and financial institutions need UL levels 1 or 2 in their facilities. However, UL rating is only one factor of many that you’ll need to consider. For example, acrylic glazing and polycarbonate materials offer comparable protection levels using materials that are of comparable thickness. The difference between the two comes down to clarity, capabilities, and price. Acrylic is just about crystal clear and about $10 less per square foot. Laminated polycarbonate has a very subtle purple-gray tint to it while being slightly more expensive. Laminated polycarbonate is also resistant to forced entry and severe weather.

Another common factor is spalling. When a bullet or other projectile collides with ballistic glass, the impact breaks some of the glass into particles, or spall. Acrylic ballistic glass produces spall; laminated polycarbonate does not. On no-spall glass, these airborne fragments develop on the threat side as well as the safe side of the glass. So while they might not be hit with a bullet, staff behind the counter might be affected by spall particles. No-spall glass only produces spall on the threat side.

If you’d like to speak with our team about which type of ballistically rated glass and UL rating is right for your facility, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to walk you through the different options.

Ballistically Rated Components for Your Physical Bank Barrier System

Components make your bank’s barrier system complete. Bullet Guard offers a comprehensive list of offerings so you can find the right item for your next project.

Transaction Windows

Your service is at the forefront, not distracting or muffled teller windows. Choose from a variety of crystal-clear windows with very little sound interference.

Deal Trays

Our deal trays make passing items between parties so easy, you’ll forget it’s ballistically-rated protection.

Package Passers

A standard 1” x 14” x 14” package passer makes transferring items simple and safe. We offer additional sizing based on your specific needs in UL levels 1-8.

Fiberglass and Countertops

Reinforce your service area with ballistically-rated countertops, fiberglass, and other components that make your system complete.

Bullet Guard Is Ready to Customize Your Security Solution

When your bank needs reliable, aesthetically pleasing ballistic protection, don’t want to contact Bullet Guard. We have over 40 years of experience and are proud to be the industry leader in bulletproof barrier systems. We have the know-how and skill to customize ballistic barriers for your historic buildings or add beautiful minimalist dividers to your new facility. 

Not sure exactly what you need? That’s what we’re here for. Our experienced team can help you choose the right item based on your unique needs. Send us a message to get started, or give us a call at 866.941.8695.

Fundamentals of Ballistic Barrier Design

When it comes to ensuring the safety of a company’s people and property, a ballistic barrier is an excellent security asset. Highly customizable for any scenario, they offer the desired level of protection without impeding employee workflow or sacrificing building aesthetics. Choosing the right design is imperative, as no two businesses will have the exact same needs. Let’s take a close look at how Bullet Guard’s security experts can help you find the right products for your upcoming ballistic barrier project.

General Considerations

There are a variety of factors to consider during the creation of a bulletproof building design, including:

  • What type of building is the design for?
  • What functions need to be performed in the bulletproofed areas?
  • Are there any specific aesthetic requirements for the bulletproofing elements?

The answers to these questions, among others, help determine what type of bulletproofing material and design is appropriate for the building project. A warehouse has different needs than those of a healthcare facility, for example. A warehouse might focus on a check-in point or security station and access control, while a hospital might secure the ER and pharmacy with transaction windows that don’t interfere with communication.

Each building will come with unique security considerations, including accessories to accommodate daily tasks and interactions, access control, and visibility considerations such as line of sight and lighting.

Appropriate Materials and Building Aesthetics

Another important part of the design process involves selecting materials appropriate for the industry and the building’s aesthetics. With so many options available, safety doesn’t have to be compromised when taking appearance into consideration. Clear materials like acrylic and polycarbonate provide a sleek, modern look, bringing natural light in to create a more welcoming environment. Ballistic fiberglass panels can be incorporated into new construction or retrofits, making them a versatile solution adaptable to any type of wall covering.

Choosing the appropriate level of protection will also depend on the industry, type of building, and location. Most ballistic materials are rated using levels 1 – 8 of the UL 752 “Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment.” Broadly speaking, materials rated Levels 1 – 3 stop clusters of bullets fired from pistols, while those rated Levels 4 and above stop one or more bullets from various rifles as well as any pistols. Levels 1 -3 are the most common in commercial construction.

Do’s and Don’ts of Ballistic Design

Although each design is unique, there are still some common things to watch for. Some tips for effectively bulletproofing a commercial building include:

Considering bulletproofing during the design stage. Designing a building with bulletproofing in mind ensures the bulletproofing elements fit properly with the other structural and aesthetic building components and the bulletproofing is sufficient to provide the level of protection necessary for the given environment and application.

Budgeting for bulletproofing materials. Bullet-resistant glass costs more than regular glass because it is designed to do much more than regular glass. It is important to keep this in mind when establishing the budget to avoid running out of funds during the project. Contacting a ballistic expert during the planning stage can help you get an idea of what your project might cost.

Understanding the role of bulletproofing in various facilities. Different facilities face different levels of risk from different threats. For example, banks have a high chance of being targets of theft. Understanding the level of protection needed for a particular building helps architects create a bulletproof design that is effective and cost-efficient.

Bullet Guard: Your Ballistic Barrier Experts

A well-designed ballistic barrier plays an important role in strengthening the security of a property, offering physical protection and peace of mind to employees and employers alike. Creating the perfect design for your ballistic project takes careful planning and forethought, but with the help of Bullet Guard’s experts, it doesn’t have to be a headache. If you need assistance in planning the design of your ballistic barrier, contact us to request a quote today.

Adding Functionality with Bulletproof Barrier Accessories

When planning any project, the fine details can sometimes be overshadowed by the larger picture. People may be so focused on providing the appropriate amount of protection that they may forget to consider the necessities of daily operations. In order to ensure business as usual, ballistic accessories are utilized in a variety of ways, making them a practical choice in any scenario.

Those working in customer service especially rely on the ability to effectively communicate and would be leery of any changes that may create difficult customer interactions. By incorporating bulletproof accessories in your ballistic system, you allow employees to sidestep these difficulties, providing a secure environment without compromising customer satisfaction.

Available Ballistic Barrier Accessories

As each place of business has its own unique safety needs, we offer multiple system accessory options for you to choose from.

Deal Trays

Designed for use with transaction windows and security enclosures, we offer a range of deal tray sizes to provide an additional layer of security. Made from stainless steel, our trays are available in stock sizes of 10” x 12” and 10” x 16” in two different models: a recessed deal tray with a 1 ½” depth recess, and a 2 ¼” high surface mount deal tray. If you’re looking for something less standard, we’re more than happy to customize something to your specific requirements.

Package Exchanges

Available in both standard and non-standard models, package exchangers or “passers” are often used in banking, fast food, convenience stores, post offices, cash vaults, and other similar environments, facilitating smoother transactions with an additional layer of security. Bullet Guard stocks four different standard models ranging from 12” to 22” in width and 14” to 16” in height. Products at UL levels 1-3 are crafted from transparent materials, while products at UL level 8 have an opaque look.

Another option is one of our custom package exchanges—units made with aluminum frames and double interlocking doors, specially designed to only allow one door to open at a time. Optional stainless steel cladding can be provided, as well.

Voice Ports

Used in conjunction with transaction windows, voice ports enable natural sound transmission without the use of intercoms, protecting staff without creating an additional atmospheric barrier. Bullet Guard offers a wide range of options, including rectangular, circular, arched, horizontal, and vertical voice ports, in addition to transaction windows with voice surround options.

Planning Ahead

As businesses continue to see the value in a proactive security stance, it’s clear that a holistic understanding of a company’s needs is essential. Bulletproof accessories are key components of any ballistic barrier system, but it’s beneficial to establish these needs in advance when possible. Questions to ask include:

What items will need to be passed back and forth?
In any public-facing scenario, transactions are likely to include a physical component. Determine the dimensions of items frequently exchanged, including allowances for typical package deliveries, if necessary.

How many people will be working?
If multiple employees will be conducting transactions simultaneously, you may need to consider multiple instances of accessories. You may only need one package exchange, but your staff may find additional voice ports to be necessary.

Ballistic Barrier Accessories: Effective Communication Through Innovation

When it comes to customer service, the slightest miscommunication can make a difficult situation even more challenging—a prospect that many workers would rather avoid. Here at Bullet Guard, we know how important it is to balance employee safety with transaction ease, and our team of experts is ready to provide you with a solution. To learn more, visit our accessories and components product page or contact us to request a quote today.

Transaction Systems: The Clear Advantage in Ballistic Security

Transaction windows are a necessary safety consideration in any public-facing industry, as they serve as the main point of contact for any number of interactions, including the exchange of documents and currency. Utilized in a variety of ways, from drive-up windows to teller lines and service counters, these bulletproof systems offer practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your security concerns.

Product Features

Serving as more than just a visible physical barrier, bulletproof and bullet-resistant transaction windows offer many benefits over standard windows for businesses and their employees. The advantages of implementing one of our systems includes:

  • Increased safety (ballistic resistance and forced entry protection)
  • Blends with surrounding aesthetics
  • Ease of communication

Available Options

Because each place of business has its own specific safety needs, we offer multiple transaction system options for you to choose from.

Interior Transaction Windows

Baffle – the baffle transaction window uses sections of overlapping glazing to allow sound to travel around the window. This style offers the best possible sound transfer and is ideal for continuous windows in a row like at a bank or utility office.

Sliding – well-suited to high-traffic areas, this sliding window can open easily to pass packages or other large items. Also available with a “hole and backer” style voice port.

Hole and Backer – this window style features a round voice port with an oversized “backer” to ensure clear communication and visibility.

Arched or Arched Backer – similar to a hole and backer style, this transaction window features an arched cut-out with an oversized backer to allow sound to transmit naturally.

Exterior Transaction Windows

Exterior transaction windows like drive-up pass-through “DUPT” windows, can be challenging since they need to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather conditions while providing employees with clear visibility and communication. Various features like stainless steel voice ports, small package pass-throughs, and custom counters can help facilitate the day-to-day tasks of doing business and keep things running smoothly and safely.

Custom Transaction Systems

Our bulletproof teller windows are requested primarily for existing teller lines or new ground-up banking projects, although they can be used for virtually any application where there is potential for security threats and armed attacks. They are manufactured from UL-listed acrylic or polycarbonate bullet-resistant materials that facilitate air circulation behind the barriers, allowing for natural sound transmission while also guaranteeing security. Upon request, we can provide custom storefront systems that separate teller lines from public access. We can also fabricate architectural armor for under-counter and teller hood protection, providing an added layer of security.

Planning Ahead

As safety concerns in the workplace rise, more and more businesses are looking for ways to protect workers without compromising customer satisfaction. Incorporating a transaction system into your ballistic security plan can accomplish these goals, but there are some practical considerations to address before diving in:

How many people will be working?
Because our systems are designed to your specific needs, we need to know how many employees will occupy the space at any given time in order to avoid disruptions to their daily workflow.

How many customers or visitors are typical on a daily basis?
Understanding daily customer flow is essential to planning a new transaction system. An estimated headcount makes it easier to determine the necessary number of public-facing workstations to best serve your visitors.

What items will need to be passed back and forth?
A transaction system is more than just a bulletproof window—features and accessories are key components of visitor satisfaction. It’s important to note the physical components of transactions to prevent unnecessary barriers to quality customer service.

Bullet Guard: Your Transaction System Experts

We know that working with the public comes with its own unique challenges, and communication barriers can exist even before a physical barrier is even put in place. Here at Bullet Guard, our experienced staff is available to help create a unique safety solution that protects your staff without hindering communication. For more information, visit our bulletproof transaction windows product page or contact us to request a quote today.

Bulletproof Fiberglass Panels: Ballistic Security that Adapts to your Needs

Bulletproof fiberglass panels offer employees ballistic protection in government buildings, police stations, guard houses, convenience stores, and many more scenarios. Also known as opaque armor, these rigid, woven panels delaminate (or separate) when a bullet strikes them, flattening the projectile as it is caught between the woven layers and dissipating the kinetic energy of the bullet. Made of reinforced structural polyester laminate and designed to withstand extreme impact, these panels play an important role in any physical security barrier system.

Versatile Design

Bullet Guard’s fiberglass panels are designed to defeat bullet, blast, and forced entry impacts. Our high-strength, non-ricochet architectural armor is composed of multi-ply bullet and blast-resistant fiberglass laminates that are tested according to UL-752 and ASTM E 119 standards. As protective barriers, our bullet-resistant wall and cabinet armor provides security against perceived and real threats of ballistic assault, offering peace of mind to workers and employers alike, even in the most stressful of working environments.

Offering a more versatile solution than traditional bullet-resistant building materials such as plate steel, concrete, or cinder blocks, our architectural armor is compatible with a wide range of materials, including wood and gypsum. The flexible fiberglass panels are lightweight and are easily cut, drilled, sanded, painted, and textured, customizing them to the intended location, with the ability to be glued with adhesives to any type of wall covering.

Industry Applications

With their universal appeal, our bulletproof fiberglass panels are suited to the varying needs of a myriad of industries, easily adapting them to fit into walls, furniture, counters, and doors. Because each situation has its own unique security requirements, we offer multiple panel types capable of withstanding a variety of impact velocities and ammunition. Industry applications include:

  • Commercial
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Grid Security
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Renovation or New Construction

Fiberglass panels can be used to renovate and upgrade an existing space or incorporated into a brand new construction project.

Facility owners have a few options when renovating. One is to remove the existing drywall and mount the new bulletproof fiberglass panels to the studs, and layer new drywall on top. It is difficult to nail or drill into bulletproof fiberglass, so having an outer layer of drywall will make it easier to attach trim, molding, etc. You may also mount bulletproof fiberglass over the existing drywall and either add another layer of drywall or paint the fiberglass itself.

When upgrading an existing counter or security desk, you can mount pre-cut panels to the interior of the desk. Panels can also be secured to the outside and painted over or veneered to match the rest of the building.

New construction is fairly straightforward. Simply mount the panels directly to the studs and cover them with a layer of drywall.

Protection You Can Count On

Our security experts can work with you to determine the appropriate level of protection and panel placement for your ballistic project, based on your industry, application, and the duration of security desired. For more information on our bulletproof fiberglass panel range, visit our product page for specifications and available protection levels or contact us to request a quote from our experts today.

Bullet-Resistant Enclosures: What They Are and How to Use Them

Bullet-resistant enclosures protect frontline personnel such as security guards or intake nurses in Emergency Rooms. They take the form of kiosks, safety enclosures, modular barriers, teller lines, security booths, guard booths, and other protected stations. These enclosures can be interior (security booths) or exterior (guard booths), providing a feeling of safety no matter the location. Essentially, a bullet-resistant enclosure creates a smaller, protected area in the midst of a larger unprotected space.

Initial Considerations

When it comes to designing and installing an enclosure into a security project, there are several elements to consider.

  • Visibility and avoiding interrupting lines of sight or creating blind spots for booth occupants.
  • Functional features to help users to complete everyday tasks.
  • Size and style, while also taking into account the number of users operating within the enclosure.
  • Any additional unique risk factors, including the most appropriate level of bullet resistance. For example, government applications usually require a higher UL level, while Level 3 or 4 may be appropriate for an ER.

Security upgrades may sometimes be initiated due to a previous incident, causing safety to take precedence over day-to-day operations. Thankfully, there are features that assist in ensuring functionality without compromising security like ballistic doors, voice ports, deal trays, and package passers.

Specific Projects and Applications

Bullet-resistant enclosures can be utilized in a wide range of scenarios, from government guard booths to hospital security desks and bank teller lines. Here are a few examples of projects Bullet Guard has assisted with:

Private interview booth in a hospital ER. We have installed a custom private interview booth in an emergency room in San Jose, CA that allows patients some privacy with a curved sit-down design. We are among the very few companies that could design and build such a custom, unique enclosure.

Credit union teller lines. For a project in a credit union, we provided arched voice ports and butted designs in teller lines for a bank and a vertical offset design and arched voice ports. This design allows for more air circulation behind the bullet-resistant barrier and for natural sound transmission. Both locations have Bullet Guard Architectural Armor under the counter and in the hoods above.

Guard booths for government applications. We installed a custom security kiosk for the federal government. It is a corner configuration with a butted design and closeable round voice ports. This allowed the employee to minimize the noise in the lobby by closing the voice ports when not speaking with someone outside the booth. The voice ports open easily when a customer approaches.

In addition to the privacy benefits of healthcare interview booths, current OSHA guidelines specifically recommend bullet-resistant barriers in large hospitals. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) also recommends hospitals install deep service counters and bullet-resistant enclosures in reception areas, some triage areas, and nurses’ stations.

Bullet Guard: Your Source For Custom Enclosures

When planning ballistic security projects, no two environments will have the same needs—a finely developed system will incorporate a variety of elements that seamlessly work together. Bullet Guard can help create a custom system perfect for the space and the application, providing an atmosphere of safety you can trust. For more information, visit our custom bullet-resistant enclosures product page or contact us to request a quote today.

Bulletproof Doors: Where to Begin

Bulletproof doors are essential for maintaining physical and building safety. You’ll find them in government buildings, banks, and police stations—anywhere that security is a priority—serving as a physical barrier as well as a visual deterrent to would-be attackers. Used in conjunction with bulletproof windows, bulletproof doors provide both effective ballistic protection and complete peace of mind for building workers and visitors.

Applicable Industries

You can’t have a building without doors of some kind, and with those access points comes the potential of vulnerability and opportunity for those with ill intent. Because of their practicality and universal applications, bulletproof doors are a common inclusion of any security project, with implementations such as:

Banks and Financial Buildings: Bulletproof doors and windows are paramount for financial institutions such as banks. They secure the buildings and provide an extra line of defense against activities like thefts and attacks on the employees.

Government Buildings: Bullet-resistant doors protect government buildings against threats of invasion. Moreover, these buildings often house sensitive documents and information that cannot be leaked publicly. Having ballistic protection provides an excellent measure of security to these places.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities: Schools can often become vulnerable to rogue attackers. Bulletproof doors ensure the safety of students as well as the teachers and staff members of the schools.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations: Most convenience stores and gas stations are fitted with bulletproof or bullet-resistant doors to offer protection to customers while they are shopping. In addition, the doors also protect businesses from possible theft and looting, especially when they are located in remote areas.

Religious and Spiritual Centers: Security is essential for religious centers, where people gather together in large groups. Bullet-resistant doors are an ideal way to provide security to these buildings.

Technical Specifications

To meet our customers’ varied needs, we offer a variety of bullet-resistant doors.

  • Solid core doors are finished with plastic laminate and paint or stain grade veneer.
  • All clear doors are made from UL-752 acrylic or polycarbonate in levels 1 to 3.
  • Full lite and half light doors with aluminum stiles and rail protection in UL levels 1 to 8.
  • Hollow metal doors and frames can be manufactured in UL levels 1 to 8. These doors are available with view windows, narrow-lite doors, half-lite doors, and a double-door configuration.

Frames for bullet-resistant doors are available in aluminum, slip in steel, and steel wrap around, all packed with the required ballistic fiberglass.

Bulletproof Doors from Bullet Guard

Here at Bullet Guard, we’re experts in bulletproof doors, with the knowledge and experience to assist you with both custom and quick ship catalog styles in a variety of sizes and protection levels to suit your project’s needs. For more information on our product line, you can browse our bulletproof doors catalog or contact us to request a quote today.

Getting Started with Bullet-Resistant Windows

In today’s ever increasing climate of workplace violence,, bullet-resistant windows are more often than ever a key component of facility security plans. Offering higher levels of protection, yet with the clarity of a traditional glass pane, bullet-resistant windows are available in glass-clad polycarbonate, solid acrylic, or polycarbonate laminate make-ups, depending on the level of protection desired.

Applicable Industries

Because of the clarity and level of protection offered by bulletproof glass, bullet-resistant windows are truly versatile, with the potential to be used in a wide range of industries. Common implementations include:

Stadiums and Arenas: The large crowds and high level of money exchange makes stadiums, arenas, and other public venues high-risk areas. To reduce risk, these facilities often use bulletproof glass to protect box office employees.

Banks and Credit Unions: Financial institutions typically feature large lobbies, high traffic, and frequent cash exchange that makes them a prime target for robberies. Even with dedicated security staff, banks and credit unions are often constructed with bulletproof windows, partitions, and enclosures to ensure worker safety.

Convenience Stores: Similar to stadiums and hospitality facilities, convenience stores experience high levels of traffic at all hours. Bulletproof glass and partitions help to protect employees from potential gun violence and robberies.

Schools and Universities: Although we like to consider schools a safe place for students and faculty alike, increased violence at schools and universities has prompted many districts to enact protective measures, including bulletproof windows and security enclosures for student, teacher, and visitor screening.

Interior/Exterior Considerations

As you’re planning a security project, it’s important to think about how you’ll be incorporating bullet-resistant windows, as they have both interior and exterior applications. Will you be installing bulletproof glass in an area facing a dark, deserted, or otherwise vulnerable outdoor area? Or will you be installing ballistic glass in a well-lit indoor room within a secure facility? Factors such as required protection levels, UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and other environmental variables can affect the long-term clarity and physical integrity of the material. These and many other factors go into making the correct choice for ballistic glazing (glass) and underline the need to consult with the ballistic experts at Bullet Guard prior to ordering just any product off an online store.

Technical Specifications

Bullet-resistant windows are available in a variety of protection levels, manufactured to withstand projectiles of different ratings and velocities. Levels 1-3 are used for lighter, small arms weapons up to a .44 magnum, where the aim is to safeguard employees in most typical situations that typically involve handguns. Levels 4-8 protect against projectiles from higher velocity rifles up to 7.62mm, and are typically reserved for high risk, military, and certain government facilities.

Our quick ship transaction windows are available in two standard sizes – 24” by 36” and 30” by 36”. Depending on the product desired, our bullet-resistant windows range in UL-752 protection levels 1-8, featuring horizontal, circular, arched, and other voice port options. Standard windows are available with many additional options such as stainless steel recessed deal trays, plastic laminate or stainless steel countertops. We also offer custom transaction windows in sizes of up to 8’ by 5’, incorporating different types of aluminum, slip steel, or telescoping steel frame systems manufactured at our facility in order to meet your specific needs.

Bullet-Resistant Windows from Bullet Guard

Our team of experienced professionals have been serving our clients for over 40 years, providing custom built ballistic solutions to meet their safety needs. If your security project could benefit from bullet-resistant windows, you can browse our quick ship products or contact us to request a quote today.

Bullet Guard Acquired by Industry Leader Total Security Solutions

After 40+ years in business, Bullet Guard announces that we were wholly acquired by Total Security Solutions (TSS), based out of Fowlerville, Michigan, in November of 2021.

While now part of the TSS family, Bullet Guard will continue operations in our current location and with the experienced staff that our customers have come to depend on over the years. This new relationship will allow Bullet Guard access to growth capital, extensive supply chains, advanced technology, and the expanded operational capacity that comes with being part of the TSS team.

Impressed by our commitment to quality and customer service, Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards shared, “As a company, they’re very similar to us, although at a smaller scale. But with more than 40 years of experience in bulletproof glass, they are really well-positioned to service the Western half of the country. That made them very attractive to us.”

Recent years have seen spikes in the murder rate in the U.S., with firearms involved in an increasing share of homicides.This has disproportionately impacted the Western half of the United States. Pew Research found that 2020’s year-over-year murder rate increase was the largest since at least 1905 (and possibly ever, according to the CDC). Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Arizona all saw increases of 16% to 45%. In Montana, murder rates nearly doubled, rising 84%.

Such increases bring an increased interest in securing facilities against armed attackers. TSS recognizes the substantial relationships we’ve built with municipal, financial, and government entities along the West Coast, and observed that Bullet Guard would be able to extend our reach by upgrading some of our current procedures.

Expanding Our Offerings by Optimizing Procedures

While acknowledging our pre-existing automation, TSS saw opportunities to upgrade the processes already in place. In late March of 2022, TSS began the process of modernizing operations here at Bullet Guard. Building on the exceptional service we already offer our customers, TSS seeks to enhance that service by bringing in everything they know about making bulletproof barrier systems to extremely tight tolerances.

This will also mean expanding our offerings to better suit other potential customers, like hospitals and schools. But these improvements aren’t limited to installing new CNC routers and water jet cutters. Jim Richards is working with our management team, integrating Bullet Guard into the Total Security Solutions EOS (or Entrepreneurial Operating System™). EOS is a comprehensive set of business concepts and tools that make it much easier for an organization—no matter how large or small—to move together toward their goals.

“About ten years ago, we shifted our mindset,” Jim explains. “As a company, we shifted our focus. We stopped thinking just about ‘stopping bullets’ or ‘stopping robberies,’ and expanded our view. We began to understand that this was bigger than robberies. It was about finding the best way to protect an organization’s most valuable asset: their people. You do that by making those people’s lives easier every day, not just on their worst day. Designing systems that look good and work well, installing them with as little disruption as possible, increasing their peace of mind on a daily basis—all of that is part of what it means to protect people.”

Exciting Changes, Consistent Service

One thing that won’t change is our devotion to quality work and excellent customer service, the same standards that you’ve come to know from us over the past 40+ years. Our dedicated employees will always be here, helping you make the right choices for your security needs.

Bandit Barriers: Giving You the Advantage

With a rising focus on building security and employee safety, it should come as no surprise that there’s an increase in demand for bullet-resistant barriers. Bandit barriers, in particular, are barriers that physically separate the area in front of a counter to provide a secure space for protecting employees and other valuables. When utilized at a bank or convenience store, for example, a bandit barrier prevents would-be criminals from reaching behind the counter and protects those behind the barrier from active shooters. The physical presence of these barriers is often enough to deter crime, making this a desirable security feature that all commercial contractors should be familiar with.


Rather than being limited to areas of high crime, these barriers are also sought out for university and government projects, thanks to Homeland Security grants which can help to offset the costs. Frequently used as a transaction window or teller window, bandit barriers are found in a variety of industries, including:

  • Financial institutions (banks, credit unions)
  • Government facilities (local, state, and federal)
  • Healthcare (pharmacies, emergency rooms)
  • Higher education
  • Correctional facilities
  • Police departments
  • Retail (jewelry stores, convenience stores, fuel centers, etc)


The advantages for contractors offering bandit barriers are clear:

  • Demand is rising
  • Little competition among installers
  • Design can be challenging, but installation is easy
  • Adds a profit center without adding expenses

Taking time to connect with a bulletproof company and drawing on their expertise means adding an impressive profit center to your business without any risk: all the components and materials can be purchased prefabricated, with the design cost absorbed by the end-user.

Technical Specifications and Accessories

We offer custom systems in a variety of protection levels, ranging from UL levels 1-8. Depending on the system selected, you’ll find the following options:

Level 1: Uncoated Acrylic, Coated Acrylic, Laminated Polycarbonate, Glass Clad Polycarbonate

Level 2: Uncoated Acrylic, Coated Acrylic, Laminated Polycarbonate, Glass Clad Polycarbonate

Level 3: Laminated Polycarbonate, Glass Clad Polycarbonate

Levels 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8: Glass Clad Polycarbonate

Each system can be customized to fit the existing space, with baffle and arch window systems being especially popular with banks. Using acrylic, these systems allow for excellent light transmission and broad, clear sight lines, creating a physical barrier without sacrificing the customer experience. When combined with various accessories, these systems ensure that day-to-day tasks are uninterrupted.

Accessory options include:

  • Voice ports for clear communication
  • Deal trays for passing money or documents
  • Package passers for the hand-off of larger items

Bullet-Resistant Bandit Barriers From Bullet Guard

With over 40 years of industry experience, we know how to build a system that truly feels secure, and our experienced team is ready to custom build the best bandit barrier solution for your project. To learn more about how we can meet your specific needs, view our Bandit Barrier Catalog or contact us to get started with a quote.

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