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The ballistic armoring field is relatively small, made up of small companies—and everyone wants your business. You can buy from catalogs, factory direct, or distributors. But most importantly, you need a professional to guide you through the minefields.

Initially, adding bullet-resistant armoring may seem simple and there are those who have tried to make it appear no different from other building materials. In actuality, the bullet-resistant field is very complex. This is why reputable companies use Underwriters Laboratories Standard 752 (UL-752) as their guide. They understand the difference between LISTED and MEETS and don’t use other testing facilities as being comparable to UL. It is also why they don’t say “bulletproof.”

While not all of the components in a ballistic enclosure need to be UL listed, the major ones, such as the transparent and opaque materials that make up the bulk of the armoring materials, should carry that label. As an example, Bullet Guard Corporation’s attachments may not be UL-752, but they are backed by UL-752 materials. It is always the UL-752 material that is the protecting agent.

To prevent “pop-out” under force, Bullet Guard Corporation’s Ballistic Capture Frames are carefully calculated as to thickness and size of material in ratio to rabbet depth of edge engagement.

Testing Facilities

Bullet Guard Corporation maintains a testing booth with a chronograph to ensure that all materials, attachments, fasteners, and accessories meet our exacting requirements. UL-752 standards are our guidelines, but UL only tests materials. They do not advise how the materials should be used. Bullet Guard Corporation’s sales, production, and design staff are trained as to the correct material for the application. Visitors are welcome to see first-hand how ballistic materials perform.

At our live fire testing, you can readily see that while some materials may stop bullets, they may not stop ricochets. Many of our materials, such as poly-carbonate and fiberglass, are non-ricochet. Our testing has directed us in the use of hard accessories, such as deal trays and pass-throughs, and we have also found ways to make them non-ricochet.

Architects, contractors, and glaziers are welcome to utilize our designs and technical expertise at no additional charge.

Product Guarantee

Whether it is water resistant, fire resistant, or child resistant, nothing is considered “proof” anymore. Therefore, bullet-resistant is the terminology used by the protective armoring industry. This does not mean that the product is less than proof. It does mean that the manufacturer, designer, and fabricator understand their craft and are conscientious about sending the right message to the customer: Nothing is proof! Even though armorers cannot guarantee to stop all types of bullets with one system, they should guarantee to make every system as proof as possible to the threat level. Bullet Guard Corporation Corporation makes that guarantee.

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