Bandit barriers are a clear, ballistically-rated glass barrier between the public and employees. Bandit barriers are typically installed at a checkout counter to prevent violent incidents and protect staff.

These barriers are available in a wide range of design styles and levels of protection. At Bullet Guard, we design and manufacture everything custom to your specific needs. We can create a simple transaction window, or a complete site-specific teller line. And if you’re looking for robust, ballistic security, we can also provide bullet-resistant modular lobby enclosures to protect employees who may have their desks in the lobby area.

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Bandit Barrier

How Bandit Barriers Work

Three main components make up bandit barriers: a glass barrier, some type of talk thru device, and accessories that allow visitors and employees to pass documents and other items between the sides.

Together, these elements offer facilities a range of benefits:

Physical Protection

Bandit barriers prevent aggressors from reaching or getting over a counter to threaten employees. Bandit barriers can be made of forced entry glass, which does not shatter when struck, or bulletproof glass, which stops bullets.

Prevent and Deter Violence

Bandit barriers are an effective way to prevent crime. Bank robbers in particular are most interested in “soft” targets, or branches that don’t have obvious security measures. When they encounter passive security features, like a barrier, they’re more likely to leave without attempting any kind of altercation.

Psychological Safety

No matter how rare gun violence might be, employees in potentially high-risk situations deserve to feel safe from gun threats at work. A ballistic barrier offers peace of mind in times of stress so your team can feel good about the work they do.
Bandit Barrier

Bandit Barriers Are Effective in Many Different Settings

Bandit barriers are not just for the finance world, although that’s certainly where they’re most common. Other settings where this style of transaction window is effective include:

  • Government facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Criminal justice
  • Police stations
  • Retail

Whether you’re installing a bandit barrier in a jewelry store, gun shop, or convenience store, a bandit barrier is just one piece of the physical security puzzle.

In addition to barriers between clerks or cashiers and the public, ballistically reinforced storefronts, entry vestibules, and windows improve the overall protection levels in your facility. To learn how Bullet Guard designs and fabricates custom systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

How Much Do Bandit Barriers Cost?

UL Levels 1 through 3 are common choices for bandit barriers. The price range for these levels of bulletproof glass is approximately $45 to $60 per square foot. From there, additional factors contribute to the overall cost of your bandit barrier project:

  • The size and scope of your barrier
  • Accessories and other items included in your system
  • Installation and other services

To get an accurate estimate of what a bandit barrier might cost, please request a quote.

Bullet Guard Is Your Trusted Source for Ballistic Bandit Barriers

We’ve been designing, fabricating, and installing custom bulletproof barriers for decades. We’re ready to learn more about your project and help you make it a reality. To get started, send us a message or request a quote. We look forward to speaking with you!

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From transaction windows to completely customized systems, Bullet Guard has the expertise to design, fabricate, and install an appropriate solution for any bulletproofing need. Request your free quote today!

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