A bulletproof barrier at a bank, pharmacy, or convenience store quickly becomes a pointless security feature if employees have to step around the counter to exchange paperwork with a customer or sign for a package. Bullet-resistant barrier accessories add much-needed functionality to any space, ensuring business can carry on as usual from behind a secure barrier.
Whether you need to pass currency, paperwork, or convenience store items, Bullet Guard can help you incorporate stainless steel deal trays and bullet-resistant package pass-throughs to enhance functionality and security—all while looking great!

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Stainless Steel Deal Trays

stainless steel deal tray
Deal trays, or currency trays, are a natural addition to transaction window systems or bullet-resistant enclosures. The 12 inch x 10 inch or 16 inch x 10 inch trays are perfect for passing paperwork, passports, currency, and credit cards.

Our recessed deal tray is designed to sit below the counter so the top is flush. A surface-mounted currency tray sits above the counter and can be integrated naturally into the transaction window design. Both options can be retrofitted into your existing system or included in a new design.

Deal Tray Specifications

Bullet Guard transaction window trays are made from 18-gauge stainless steel and come in two stock sizes. The recessed deal tray has a depth of 1 ½ inches and the surface mount tray is 2 ¼ inches high. We go the extra mile to smooth every welded joint to prevent any rough areas or catches, so you can expect a flawless finish.

Need a custom size? No problem. Let us know about your project and one of our experts will be in touch soon!


Item # Tray Type Tray Material Size Depth/Height
1210RDT Recessed Deal Tray Stainless Steel 12” x 10’” 1 ½”
1610RDT Recessed Deal Tray Stainless Steel 16” x 10” 1 ½”
1210SMDT Surface Mount Deal Tray Stainless Steel 12” x 10’” 2 ¼”
1610SMDT Surface Mount Deal Tray Stainless Steel 16” x 10” 2 ¼”


Package Exchanges

Package exchanges are secure boxes designed to pass larger items in banking, convenience stores, post offices, cash vaults, or similar applications. A locking mechanism prevents both doors from opening at once, ensuring items can pass through a barrier without compromising security.

Bullet Guard offers four different models for passing small to medium-sized items. Our package exchangers are designed to withstand daily use with little or no maintenance required.

Package Exchange Specifications

Stainless steel package exchanges can be packed with ballistic fiberglass to achieve UL-752 Levels 1 through 8. Clear exchanges are made from transparent bullet-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate in Levels 1-3.

Looking for a custom size, aluminum frames, or special locks? Let us know what you need and we’ll design a solution!

Item # Width Height Depth
PE-M 12″ 14″ 16 ½”
PE-D 16″ 14″ 16 ½”
PE-T 16″ 14″ 22″
PE-P 22″ 16″ 28″
Non-Standard N/A N/A 16 ½”


Choosing the Right Bulletproof Accessories

When you’re designing your barrier, plan to incorporate bullet-resistant barrier accessories from day one. Or, ask your Bullet Guard sales representative what accessories you need to make the space functional and secure while blending seamlessly with the overall design.
We recommend asking these two questions to guide the planning process.

1. What items will need to be passed back and forth?
Employees interacting with the public will likely include a physical component, whether exchanging cash or food items in a convenience store. Before designing your transaction system, think about the dimensions of the things people will be exchanging. Don’t forget about package deliveries or oddly-shaped items that might need to be retrieved from bank security boxes.

2. How many people will be working behind the barrier?
Employees need enough room to complete day-to-day tasks comfortably. If multiple people use the space, you may need to incorporate a few currency trays or package exchanges so employees aren’t crowded in small areas or have to wait to use the transaction window tray.


Bullet Guard Is Your Trusted Ballistic Accessories Provider

No matter your industry or application, Bullet Guard has the expertise to design, fabricate, and install the bulletproof solution you’re looking for. Need a transaction window with a deal tray or a bullet-resistant package pass-through? We can help! Reach out with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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