Transaction windows are a necessary safety consideration in any public-facing industry, as they serve as the main point of contact for any number of interactions, including the exchange of documents and currency. Utilized in a variety of ways, from drive-up windows to teller lines and service counters, these bulletproof systems offer practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your security concerns.

Product Features

Serving as more than just a visible physical barrier, bulletproof and bullet-resistant transaction windows offer many benefits over standard windows for businesses and their employees. The advantages of implementing one of our systems includes:

  • Increased safety (ballistic resistance and forced entry protection)
  • Blends with surrounding aesthetics
  • Ease of communication

Available Options

Because each place of business has its own specific safety needs, we offer multiple transaction system options for you to choose from.

Interior Transaction Windows

Baffle – the baffle transaction window uses sections of overlapping glazing to allow sound to travel around the window. This style offers the best possible sound transfer and is ideal for continuous windows in a row like at a bank or utility office.

Sliding – well-suited to high-traffic areas, this sliding window can open easily to pass packages or other large items. Also available with a “hole and backer” style voice port.

Hole and Backer – this window style features a round voice port with an oversized “backer” to ensure clear communication and visibility.

Arched or Arched Backer – similar to a hole and backer style, this transaction window features an arched cut-out with an oversized backer to allow sound to transmit naturally.

Exterior Transaction Windows

Exterior transaction windows like drive-up pass-through “DUPT” windows, can be challenging since they need to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather conditions while providing employees with clear visibility and communication. Various features like stainless steel voice ports, small package pass-throughs, and custom counters can help facilitate the day-to-day tasks of doing business and keep things running smoothly and safely.

Custom Transaction Systems

Our bulletproof teller windows are requested primarily for existing teller lines or new ground-up banking projects, although they can be used for virtually any application where there is potential for security threats and armed attacks. They are manufactured from UL-listed acrylic or polycarbonate bullet-resistant materials that facilitate air circulation behind the barriers, allowing for natural sound transmission while also guaranteeing security. Upon request, we can provide custom storefront systems that separate teller lines from public access. We can also fabricate architectural armor for under-counter and teller hood protection, providing an added layer of security.

Planning Ahead

As safety concerns in the workplace rise, more and more businesses are looking for ways to protect workers without compromising customer satisfaction. Incorporating a transaction system into your ballistic security plan can accomplish these goals, but there are some practical considerations to address before diving in:

How many people will be working?
Because our systems are designed to your specific needs, we need to know how many employees will occupy the space at any given time in order to avoid disruptions to their daily workflow.

How many customers or visitors are typical on a daily basis?
Understanding daily customer flow is essential to planning a new transaction system. An estimated headcount makes it easier to determine the necessary number of public-facing workstations to best serve your visitors.

What items will need to be passed back and forth?
A transaction system is more than just a bulletproof window—features and accessories are key components of visitor satisfaction. It’s important to note the physical components of transactions to prevent unnecessary barriers to quality customer service.

Bullet Guard: Your Transaction System Experts

We know that working with the public comes with its own unique challenges, and communication barriers can exist even before a physical barrier is even put in place. Here at Bullet Guard, our experienced staff is available to help create a unique safety solution that protects your staff without hindering communication. For more information, visit our bulletproof transaction windows product page or contact us to request a quote today.

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