Architects, engineers, and construction professionals need ballistic partners they can trust. Bullet Guard is proud to partner with the AEC community on all types of ballistic projects. Whether you’re working on your first bulletproof project or your fiftieth, you’re in the right place.

As concerns over workplace violence grow, Bullet Guard is your trusted resource for exceptional ballistic products, insightful design support, and timely installation.

Bullet Guard Is Your One Stop Shop for Ballistic Barriers

After nearly 50 years in the industry we know how much of a financial investment ballistic barrier projects can be. While it’s certainly tempting to shop around when you’re developing project specs, we believe that sticking with one provider has plenty of benefits—especially when you choose to work with our team.

Choosing Bullet Guard means ensuring that every component of your project is cohesive. Components will fit together visually and physically. Plus, we’re able to identify potential challenges and make helpful suggestions about how to resolve them. For instance, bulletproof glass is substantially heavier than standard tempered or float glass. This additional weight requires special frames and systems to support it. If your designs don’t take weight into account, we’ll make sure you have a good solution in place.

We Design and Fabricate All Kinds of Complex Bulletproof Solutions

Bullet Guard’s product offerings include bulletproof doors, windows, barriers, frames, enclosures, accessories, and fiberglass panels. Our capabilities include standard designs as well as complex custom work for all industries.

Because we have such robust custom capabilities, everything we build is per your specifications. We never have to modify your designs or specifications to fit the product. The end result is not only exactly what your client called for, it’s beautifully executed. In many cases, users barely notice that the barriers are there.

Our Proven Process Ensures Flawless Execution

Whether you already have project drawings or need to create them, we support you every step of the way. Every project goes through our Proven Process.


proven process graphic

This refined approach means we know what questions to ask, steps to take, and mistakes to avoid to ensure your project gets completed on time and on budget. Plus, our team of experienced project managers makes sure that you, the client, know what’s happening at all times, reducing stress.

We Offer Practical Design Support

Need help nailing down some of the details? We’re happy to help with that. Our team is always available to suggest solutions that best fit your project applications, such as type of transaction window or speak through port, level of ballistic protection, and customized elements. And like we previously discussed, we’ll always make sure that your designs are feasible and appropriate for the setting.

Protective Packaging and Shipping

Our custom shipping crates are almost as complex as the systems themselves! We don’t leave anything up to chance during shipping. When you choose Bullet Guard, you can expect your order to arrive in pristine condition, ready for installation.

Detail-Oriented Finishing

Finishing is just as important as the product design and fabrication. Our team of craftsmen makes sure the little details are all beautifully aligned and flawlessly executed. This includes frames and finishes, accessories like deal trays or package passers, and even door hardware. Plus, the Bullet Guard installation team takes exceptional care to ensure the finished product not only fits in the space, but looks beautiful, too. For instance, in the rare case that a product arrives on site and doesn’t fit in the space, we can make adjustments on the fly—something that’s difficult if not impossible for third-party installers who don’t always have the experience to safely modify ballistic materials.

These details can make the difference between a pleasant work environment and struggling to execute basic job functions. Ballistic systems should improve the work experience, not limit it, which is why we take such care to get everything exactly right.

Bullet Guard: Ballistic Partners Trusted by the AEC Community

If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities or have questions about a specific project, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message through our contact form or give our West Sacramento office a call at 866.264.3049. We look forward to speaking with you!


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