Bulletproof doors are essential for maintaining physical and building safety. You’ll find them in government buildings, banks, and police stations—anywhere that security is a priority—serving as a physical barrier as well as a visual deterrent to would-be attackers. Used in conjunction with bulletproof windows, bulletproof doors provide both effective ballistic protection and complete peace of mind for building workers and visitors.

Applicable Industries

You can’t have a building without doors of some kind, and with those access points comes the potential of vulnerability and opportunity for those with ill intent. Because of their practicality and universal applications, bulletproof doors are a common inclusion of any security project, with implementations such as:

Banks and Financial Buildings: Bulletproof doors and windows are paramount for financial institutions such as banks. They secure the buildings and provide an extra line of defense against activities like thefts and attacks on the employees.

Government Buildings: Bullet-resistant doors protect government buildings against threats of invasion. Moreover, these buildings often house sensitive documents and information that cannot be leaked publicly. Having ballistic protection provides an excellent measure of security to these places.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities: Schools can often become vulnerable to rogue attackers. Bulletproof doors ensure the safety of students as well as the teachers and staff members of the schools.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations: Most convenience stores and gas stations are fitted with bulletproof or bullet-resistant doors to offer protection to customers while they are shopping. In addition, the doors also protect businesses from possible theft and looting, especially when they are located in remote areas.

Religious and Spiritual Centers: Security is essential for religious centers, where people gather together in large groups. Bullet-resistant doors are an ideal way to provide security to these buildings.

Technical Specifications

To meet our customers’ varied needs, we offer a variety of bullet-resistant doors.

  • Solid core doors are finished with plastic laminate and paint or stain grade veneer.
  • All clear doors are made from UL-752 acrylic or polycarbonate in levels 1 to 3.
  • Full lite and half light doors with aluminum stiles and rail protection in UL levels 1 to 8.
  • Hollow metal doors and frames can be manufactured in UL levels 1 to 8. These doors are available with view windows, narrow-lite doors, half-lite doors, and a double-door configuration.

Frames for bullet-resistant doors are available in aluminum, slip in steel, and steel wrap around, all packed with the required ballistic fiberglass.

Bulletproof Doors from Bullet Guard

Here at Bullet Guard, we’re experts in bulletproof doors, with the knowledge and experience to assist you with both custom and quick ship catalog styles in a variety of sizes and protection levels to suit your project’s needs. For more information on our product line, you can browse our bulletproof doors catalog or contact us to request a quote today.

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