There are times when employees need to be protected from more than just a grumpy customer or two. Since the start of the pandemic, gun murders have increased by 45% according to Pew Research. Adding ballistic protection to your sliding transaction window can increase your employee’s safety and their sense of security.

However, they’re not appropriate in every situation. In this blog, we dive into the most common uses and benefits of sliding bulletproof transaction windows.

Typical Use Cases for Bulletproof Sliding Transaction Windows

Typically, bulletproof sliding transaction windows are best suited for locations that have periods of low risk and periods of high risk.

A bulletproof sliding transaction window may be a good option for your location if it fits these criteria:

  • Money and items need to be passed back and forth
  • The location experiences periods of high risk and low risk
  • The location experiences periods of heavy traffic and light traffic

There are a lot of good applications for ballistic transaction windows, especially if you have growing concerns about safety. In fact, it’s one of the most popular bulletproof products on the market for that reason. Here are the types of businesses that take advantage of bulletproof transaction windows with sliding capabilities:

  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Banks
  • Fast food and fast casual restaurants
  • Government offices
  • Ticket windows
  • Concession stands
  • Reception desks
  • Currency exchanges
  • Healthcare offices
  • Pharmacies

What do these locations all have in common, other than elevated threat levels? They all require a clear line of sight to interact with customers while protecting their employees.

8 Benefits of a Bulletproof Sliding Transaction Window

There are many advantages of a sliding transaction window, since they are extremely versatile products. If your goal is to provide a convenient and seamless experience for your customers, while providing security for your employees, this could be a great solution for you.

  1. Visibility
    The window offers visual clarity, and especially for interior windows, your customers may barely notice the glass.
  2. Flexible Protection
    A bulletproof transaction window can add security in locations that only need extra protection at specific times. For example, the window may be left open during daytime transactions, but kept shut at night with use of a package passer for transactions.
  3. Suitable for Diverse Environments
    Bullet-resistant transaction windows can fit both interior and exterior applications.
  4. Design Options
    There are many design styles to choose from, including frame finish, communication systems, and package passers. Your transaction window can be made to blend in with your existing aesthetic while maintaining a smooth transaction experience.
  5. Comprehensive Protection
    A ballistic sliding transaction window provides protection even when open–employees can stand behind the glass side during interactions, or close the window shut if they feel threatened.
  6. Threat Deterrence
    The presence of bulletproof glass is often enough to deter would-be attackers from engaging in malicious acts.
  7. Blunt Force Protection
    Bulletproof transaction windows may also provide benefits against forced entry and severe weather, such as the blunt force impact of a hammer or even a tree branch during a storm.
  8. Viral Protection
    In periods of heightened virus activity, a transaction window may help mitigate the spread of germs. This can help protect your employees from illness and reduce their sick days.

While there are many good reasons to implement bulletproof transaction windows, it’s important to remember that not all bulletproof materials are equal or right for your application. That’s why we always recommend speaking with one of the ballistic experts at Bullet Guard. Our experienced team can guide you through the process of selecting the right sliding bulletproof transaction window to make sure you get the protection you need.

Contact Bullet Guard for Bulletproof Transaction Windows That You Can Trust

Bullet Guard has been making ballistic transaction systems for almost 50 years. Our in-depth knowledge means we can guide you to the optimal solution that will keep your personnel and products safe and secure. We take pride in providing custom solutions to meet our customer’s exact needs, ensuring high quality finishes and aesthetics.

Our bulletproof products are independently tested to the industry standard, UL752, so that anyone standing behind our glass can feel confident about their safety and security. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us. We can answer any questions you have about ballistic barriers, help guide you to the right sliding transaction window solution, and more.

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