Bulletproof Fiberglass Panels: Ballistic Security that Adapts to your Needs

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Bulletproof fiberglass panels offer employees ballistic protection in government buildings, police stations, guard houses, convenience stores, and many more scenarios. Also known as opaque armor, these rigid, woven panels delaminate (or separate) when a bullet strikes them, flattening the projectile as it is caught between the woven layers and dissipating the kinetic energy of the […]

Bullet-Resistant Enclosures: What They Are and How to Use Them

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Bullet-resistant enclosures protect frontline personnel such as security guards or intake nurses in Emergency Rooms. They take the form of kiosks, safety enclosures, modular barriers, teller lines, security booths, guard booths, and other protected stations. These enclosures can be interior (security booths) or exterior (guard booths), providing a feeling of safety no matter the location. […]

Bulletproof Doors: Where to Begin

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Bulletproof doors are essential for maintaining physical and building safety. You’ll find them in government buildings, banks, and police stations—anywhere that security is a priority—serving as a physical barrier as well as a visual deterrent to would-be attackers. Used in conjunction with bulletproof windows, bulletproof doors provide both effective ballistic protection and complete peace of […]

Getting Started with Bullet-Resistant Windows

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In today’s ever increasing climate of workplace violence, bullet-resistant windows are more often than ever a key component of facility security plans. Offering higher levels of protection, yet with the clarity of a traditional glass pane, bullet-resistant windows are available in glass-clad polycarbonate, solid acrylic, or polycarbonate laminate make-ups, depending on the level of protection […]

Bullet Guard Acquired by Industry Leader Total Security Solutions

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

After 40+ years in business, Bullet Guard announces that we were wholly acquired by Total Security Solutions (TSS), based out of Fowlerville, Michigan, in November of 2021. While now part of the TSS family, Bullet Guard will continue operations in our current location and with the experienced staff that our customers have come to depend […]

Bandit Barriers: Giving You the Advantage

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

With a rising focus on building security and employee safety, it should come as no surprise that there’s an increase in demand for bullet-resistant barriers. Bandit barriers, in particular, are barriers that physically separate the area in front of a counter to provide a secure space for protecting employees and other valuables. When utilized at […]

History & Evolution of Bulletproof Glass

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Countless militaries, government agencies, banks, and other businesses use bulletproof glass in their efforts to safeguard staff and property. This protective material isn’t the result of a single invention; with origins in the 17th century, it has evolved over time as the resulting integration of various glass manufacturing methods. Learn more about the history of […]

How Is Bulletproof Glass Made?

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Bulletproof glass, also called bullet-resistant glass, is a transparent sheet of glass and polymer designed to withstand impacts from high-speed projectiles. It can have critical applications for companies […]

Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Laminated and tempered glass provides excellent protection against intrusions, forced entry, and general breakage. They are types of safety glass, which manufacturers specially toughen or treat […]

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