History & Evolution of Bulletproof Glass

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Countless militaries, government agencies, banks, and other businesses use bulletproof glass in their efforts to safeguard staff and property. This protective material isn’t the result of a single invention; with origins in the 17th century, it has evolved over time as the resulting integration of various glass manufacturing methods. Learn more about the history of […]

How Is Bulletproof Glass Made?

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Bulletproof glass, also called bullet-resistant glass, is a transparent sheet of glass and polymer designed to withstand impacts from high-speed projectiles. It can have critical applications for companies […]

Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass

Posted by Paul La Vigne on

Laminated and tempered glass provides excellent protection against intrusions, forced entry, and general breakage. They are types of safety glass, which manufacturers specially toughen or treat […]

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