In today’s ever increasing climate of workplace violence, bullet-resistant windows are more often than ever a key component of facility security plans. Offering higher levels of protection, yet with the clarity of a traditional glass pane, bullet-resistant windows are available in glass-clad polycarbonate, solid acrylic, or polycarbonate laminate make-ups, depending on the level of protection desired.

Applicable Industries

Because of the clarity and level of protection offered by bulletproof glass, bullet-resistant windows are truly versatile, with the potential to be used in a wide range of industries. Common implementations include:

Stadiums and Arenas: The large crowds and high level of money exchange makes stadiums, arenas, and other public venues high-risk areas. To reduce risk, these facilities often use bulletproof glass to protect box office employees.

Banks and Credit Unions: Financial institutions typically feature large lobbies, high traffic, and frequent cash exchange that makes them a prime target for robberies. Even with dedicated security staff, banks and credit unions are often constructed with bulletproof windows, partitions, and enclosures to ensure worker safety.

Convenience Stores: Similar to stadiums and hospitality facilities, convenience stores experience high levels of traffic at all hours. Bulletproof glass and partitions help to protect employees from potential gun violence and robberies.

Schools and Universities: Although we like to consider schools a safe place for students and faculty alike, increased violence at schools and universities has prompted many districts to enact protective measures, including bulletproof windows and security enclosures for student, teacher, and visitor screening.

Interior/Exterior Considerations

As you’re planning a security project, it’s important to think about how you’ll be incorporating bullet-resistant windows, as they have both interior and exterior applications. Will you be installing bulletproof glass in an area facing a dark, deserted, or otherwise vulnerable outdoor area? Or will you be installing ballistic glass in a well-lit indoor room within a secure facility? Factors such as required protection levels, UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and other environmental variables can affect the long-term clarity and physical integrity of the material. These and many other factors go into making the correct choice for ballistic glazing (glass) and underline the need to consult with the ballistic experts at Bullet Guard prior to ordering just any product off an online store.

Technical Specifications

Bullet-resistant windows are available in a variety of protection levels, manufactured to withstand projectiles of different ratings and velocities. Levels 1-3 are used for lighter, small arms weapons up to a .44 magnum, where the aim is to safeguard employees in most typical situations that typically involve handguns. Levels 4-8 protect against projectiles from higher velocity rifles up to 7.62mm, and are typically reserved for high risk, military, and certain government facilities.

Our quick ship transaction windows are available in two standard sizes – 24” by 36” and 30” by 36”. Depending on the product desired, our bullet-resistant windows range in UL-752 protection levels 1-8, featuring horizontal, circular, arched, and other voice port options. Standard windows are available with many additional options such as stainless steel recessed deal trays, plastic laminate or stainless steel countertops. We also offer custom transaction windows in sizes of up to 8’ by 5’, incorporating different types of aluminum, slip steel, or telescoping steel frame systems manufactured at our facility in order to meet your specific needs.

Bullet-Resistant Windows from Bullet Guard

Our team of experienced professionals have been serving our clients for over 40 years, providing custom built ballistic solutions to meet their safety needs. If your security project could benefit from bullet-resistant windows, you can browse our quick ship products or contact us to request a quote today.

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