When it comes to ensuring the safety of a company’s people and property, a ballistic barrier is an excellent security asset. Highly customizable for any scenario, they offer the desired level of protection without impeding employee workflow or sacrificing building aesthetics. Choosing the right design is imperative, as no two businesses will have the exact same needs. Let’s take a close look at how Bullet Guard’s security experts can help you find the right products for your upcoming ballistic barrier project.

General Considerations

There are a variety of factors to consider during the creation of a bulletproof building design, including:

  • What type of building is the design for?
  • What functions need to be performed in the bulletproofed areas?
  • Are there any specific aesthetic requirements for the bulletproofing elements?

The answers to these questions, among others, help determine what type of bulletproofing material and design is appropriate for the building project. A warehouse has different needs than those of a healthcare facility, for example. A warehouse might focus on a check-in point or security station and access control, while a hospital might secure the ER and pharmacy with transaction windows that don’t interfere with communication.

Each building will come with unique security considerations, including accessories to accommodate daily tasks and interactions, access control, and visibility considerations such as line of sight and lighting.

Appropriate Materials and Building Aesthetics

Another important part of the design process involves selecting materials appropriate for the industry and the building’s aesthetics. With so many options available, safety doesn’t have to be compromised when taking appearance into consideration. Clear materials like acrylic and polycarbonate provide a sleek, modern look, bringing natural light in to create a more welcoming environment. Ballistic fiberglass panels can be incorporated into new construction or retrofits, making them a versatile solution adaptable to any type of wall covering.

Choosing the appropriate level of protection will also depend on the industry, type of building, and location. Most ballistic materials are rated using levels 1 – 8 of the UL 752 “Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment.” Broadly speaking, materials rated Levels 1 – 3 stop clusters of bullets fired from pistols, while those rated Levels 4 and above stop one or more bullets from various rifles as well as any pistols. Levels 1 -3 are the most common in commercial construction.

Do’s and Don’ts of Ballistic Design

Although each design is unique, there are still some common things to watch for. Some tips for effectively bulletproofing a commercial building include:

Considering bulletproofing during the design stage. Designing a building with bulletproofing in mind ensures the bulletproofing elements fit properly with the other structural and aesthetic building components and the bulletproofing is sufficient to provide the level of protection necessary for the given environment and application.

Budgeting for bulletproofing materials. Bullet-resistant glass costs more than regular glass because it is designed to do much more than regular glass. It is important to keep this in mind when establishing the budget to avoid running out of funds during the project. Contacting a ballistic expert during the planning stage can help you get an idea of what your project might cost.

Understanding the role of bulletproofing in various facilities. Different facilities face different levels of risk from different threats. For example, banks have a high chance of being targets of theft. Understanding the level of protection needed for a particular building helps architects create a bulletproof design that is effective and cost-efficient.

Bullet Guard: Your Ballistic Barrier Experts

A well-designed ballistic barrier plays an important role in strengthening the security of a property, offering physical protection and peace of mind to employees and employers alike. Creating the perfect design for your ballistic project takes careful planning and forethought, but with the help of Bullet Guard’s experts, it doesn’t have to be a headache. If you need assistance in planning the design of your ballistic barrier, contact us to request a quote today.

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