Is your office prepared if the unthinkable happens?

Ballistic security is becoming increasingly critical. Safety features like safe rooms and bulletproof doors add a layer of security that protect your team’s safety and mental well-being—especially when they’re designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve helped companies protect their employees for decades; these are the bulletproof safety features that every office manager should consider.

glass walled saferoom

Promote Staff Security with Bulletproof Safe Rooms

If your office has an existing interior conference room, congratulations! This space is an ideal candidate for creating a bulletproof safe room. To transform a conference room into a bulletproof safe room, simply line the walls with bulletproof fiberglass panels and replace the existing door and glass with bulletproof options. The team at Bullet Guard can help you design ballistic replacements that look nearly identical to the original glass and door. Or, we can design something new and unique. Either way, your space will still look and feel like a standard conference room.

Preserve Aesthetics with a Bulletproof Front Door

The doors to your office suite or building set the tone for your space. If they’re not bulletproof, they can also be a liability.

Making the front doors bulletproof might seem like a quick way to disrupt your office’s design aesthetic. When you choose Bullet Guard as your ballistic partner, we collaborate with you to design bulletproof front doors that meet both your aesthetic and security needs. In fact, we offer a number of all-glass options that make your doors nearly identical to non-ballistic front doors.

Moderate Visitor Traffic with a Secure Vestibule

Double doors at an entryway are so par for the course, many people don’t think twice about using them. However, they’re one of the most impactful safety features you can add to your building—especially when the doors are bulletproof. Bullet Guard can help you transform an existing entry vestibule into a bulletproof mantrap. Or, we can work with you to design something that fits in your existing space without disrupting the existing design.

Bulletproof Your Windows with Backglazing

Interested in bulletproof protection but can’t replace all of your windows with ballistic glass? That’s no problem. Our team can help secure your office windows using backglazing—an extra layer of ballistic glass that sits inside the existing windows. Backglazing can be set in place, like a storm window. For floor-to-ceiling windows, backglazing can be used to protect the most vulnerable parts of the glass, usually the space at the bottom where people are most likely to be in a line of fire.

Design, Fabricate, and Install Bulletproof Projects with Bullet Guard

These projects are just a few of the options that Bullet Guard can create. Since 1976, Bullet Guard has protected California and the southwest from ballistic threats. Our team makes the process of protecting your offices easy; whether you have project plans and just need to find a ballistic barrier provider, or would like help designing and engineering a solution, Bullet Guard is ready to help. And once your project is completed, we can install it for you, too. To learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to send us a message or request a quote.

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