When planning any project, the fine details can sometimes be overshadowed by the larger picture. People may be so focused on providing the appropriate amount of protection that they may forget to consider the necessities of daily operations. In order to ensure business as usual, ballistic accessories are utilized in a variety of ways, making them a practical choice in any scenario.

Those working in customer service especially rely on the ability to effectively communicate and would be leery of any changes that may create difficult customer interactions. By incorporating bulletproof accessories in your ballistic system, you allow employees to sidestep these difficulties, providing a secure environment without compromising customer satisfaction.

Available Ballistic Barrier Accessories

As each place of business has its own unique safety needs, we offer multiple system accessory options for you to choose from.

Deal Trays

Designed for use with transaction windows and security enclosures, we offer a range of deal tray sizes to provide an additional layer of security. Made from stainless steel, our trays are available in stock sizes of 10” x 12” and 10” x 16” in two different models: a recessed deal tray with a 1 ½” depth recess, and a 2 ¼” high surface mount deal tray. If you’re looking for something less standard, we’re more than happy to customize something to your specific requirements.

Package Exchanges

Available in both standard and non-standard models, package exchangers or “passers” are often used in banking, fast food, convenience stores, post offices, cash vaults, and other similar environments, facilitating smoother transactions with an additional layer of security. Bullet Guard stocks four different standard models ranging from 12” to 22” in width and 14” to 16” in height. Products at UL levels 1-3 are crafted from transparent materials, while products at UL level 8 have an opaque look.

Another option is one of our custom package exchanges—units made with aluminum frames and double interlocking doors, specially designed to only allow one door to open at a time. Optional stainless steel cladding can be provided, as well.

Voice Ports

Used in conjunction with transaction windows, voice ports enable natural sound transmission without the use of intercoms, protecting staff without creating an additional atmospheric barrier. Bullet Guard offers a wide range of options, including rectangular, circular, arched, horizontal, and vertical voice ports, in addition to transaction windows with voice surround options.

Planning Ahead

As businesses continue to see the value in a proactive security stance, it’s clear that a holistic understanding of a company’s needs is essential. Bulletproof accessories are key components of any ballistic barrier system, but it’s beneficial to establish these needs in advance when possible. Questions to ask include:

What items will need to be passed back and forth?
In any public-facing scenario, transactions are likely to include a physical component. Determine the dimensions of items frequently exchanged, including allowances for typical package deliveries, if necessary.

How many people will be working?
If multiple employees will be conducting transactions simultaneously, you may need to consider multiple instances of accessories. You may only need one package exchange, but your staff may find additional voice ports to be necessary.

Ballistic Barrier Accessories: Effective Communication Through Innovation

When it comes to customer service, the slightest miscommunication can make a difficult situation even more challenging—a prospect that many workers would rather avoid. Here at Bullet Guard, we know how important it is to balance employee safety with transaction ease, and our team of experts is ready to provide you with a solution. To learn more, visit our accessories and components product page or contact us to request a quote today.

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