Security window film is a popular physical security product; it’s a relatively inexpensive layer of thermoplastic film that can be applied over existing window glass. Security window film is also gaining a reputation for being bulletproof or ballistic…even though standard film products that fit this description can’t stop a bullet.

At Bullet Guard, we believe consumers should have the information they need to make informed choices about their security. We know there are a lot of myths about what so-called “bulletproof” film can and can’t do; in this article, we outline three myths about security window film (which is the more accurate product name) so you can understand your security product options.

Myth #1: All Security Window Film Is Bulletproof

The Facts: Not all window security films offer bulletproof or ballistic protection! Different types of film have different capabilities, which are indicated by a third-party rating and testing information. For instance, the UL 752 bulletproofing standard is the gold standard for ballistic products. If window film is not rated or tested to this standard, it’s likely that it can’t stop a bullet.

If film is applied in a single, thin layer (usually measured in mils) over existing window glass, the product won’t offer ballistic protection. This is the most common type of security window film on the market today.

True bulletproof window film is typically very thick and requires replacing existing window glass. Sometimes, thin, single-layer film products are described as ballistic, so be sure to look for testing information to validate that claim.

Myth #2: Security Window Film Is an Equivalent Alternative to Bulletproof Glass

The Facts: Security window film does not protect from bullets like ballistic glass. Many schools and businesses choose security window film because it seems like a budget-friendly alternative to bulletproof glass. While window film might be more affordable than bulletproof glazing, it does not offer the same level of protection. The most common security window film products are only designed to delay an assailant’s entry, not stop bullets. This means that when a window with security film is shot, the bullet goes through but the window glass is held in place instead of shattering out, making it more challenging for a would-be intruder to get through the window and into the building.

While bulletproof glass also holds together when shot, it stops the bullet, protecting people on the other side of the glass.

Myth #3: Security Window Film Offers Comprehensive Protection

The Facts: Security window film only delays forced entry.

Because security window film can’t stop a bullet, we always recommend using it in places where there are no people behind the glass. If you need to protect people, use bulletproof glass.

We are enthusiastic advocates for using the right products in the right places. In some applications, film is the right solution! If you’re not sure about whether to choose bulletproof glass or security window film, please reach out to our team. We can help you identify which product is right for you and your threat level.

Protect Your People with Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof glass is the most reliable means of ballistic protection. At Bullet Guard, we independently test all of our ballistic glass products to the UL 752 standard so you can trust that you’re getting comprehensive ballistic protection. We can also work with you to design and engineer a custom bulletproof system that fits perfectly in your space without compromising functionality.

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